Amex OptBlue

The Amex OptBlue program allows small and medium-sized businesses to increase sales at no extra cost. Start accepting American Express exactly the same way you do for Visa & MasterCard and enjoy the benefits. The OptBlue program is priced like Visa & MasterCard and billed on the same statement.

Accept American Express exactly the same way as other card types and open your doors to what could be your best customers.


Program Highlights

  • Instant American Express acceptance
  • Start attracting new customers
  • Streamlined workflow & cashflow – one statement, one deposit
  • Competitive & transparent pricing

Why Amex OptBlue?

Get paid at the same time as your other card brands — all your card payments come to you at once.

One statement for all the credit cards you accept, from your provider.

Your payment processor can answer all your questions for every card type you accept through them.

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The Standard Apparel Group of Companies switched over our payment processing to First Data via Clarity Payment. We were very happy with the smooth transition. Not only did Clarity provide us with excellent service and support but also ensuring all our needs were met with First Data. Clarity continues to provide ongoing valuable support and advice to us as the payment processing industry undergoes rapid change.

Jerry, B. Comm, C.P.A.
CFO, Standard Apparel

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