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About Us

Clarity Payment, a comprehensive suite of merchant services and support networks has evolved directly from understanding our client’s needs. Our vast industry knowledge and experience has provided us with the tools to better engage, formulate and provide solutions to effectively manage current and prospective business needs.

We believe that having a reliable, cost-effective merchant platform in today’s market is just not enough. Our clients are equipped with the necessary merchant capabilities to manage current business needs as well as emerging market trends.

Our goal at Clarity Payment is to streamline operations while ensuring increased revenue and market differentiation. Learn more about the products and services we offer.

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Free Consultation

Here at Clarity Payment, we’re here to listen to your needs, analyze and make the most appropriate proposal to support your business.

One Stop Shop

Strategic technology partnerships is key in this industry.  We’re able to offer multiple options across multiple service sectors with the confidence of guaranteeing a world class service.

Customer Support

Clarity strives to keep its merchants happy by offering 24/7 customer support along with robust online reporting tools that can easily export data to excel and other common formats.


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