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Smart Terminals

Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Station Duo, Clover Virtual Terminal.

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Pay at the Table

Pay at the Table increases the productivity of your servers and also protects your business from the risk of data breaches.

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Virtual Terminals

Our Virtual Terminal partners provide secure and PCI compliant online access to process payments.

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Mobile Payments

Transform any iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android device into a powerful payment platform.

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Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards & Promo Cards

Gift cards are a vital tool to helping your business thrive.

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Our robust eCommerce solutions empower you to provide customers with a more satisfying shopping experience online.

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The Standard Apparel Group of Companies switched over our payment processing to First Data via Clarity Payment. We were very happy with the smooth transition. Not only did Clarity provide us with excellent service and support but also ensuring all our needs were met with First Data. Clarity continues to provide ongoing valuable support and advice to us as the payment processing industry undergoes rapid change.

Jerry, B. Comm, C.P.A.
CFO, Standard Apparel

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